I work in social innovation, creating a world that rises to the occasion.

I’ve spent two years learning how to make transformational change happen. Exploring the possibilities on the MA in Post Capitalist Economics at Schumacher College and some of the constraints on the MA in Public Policy at the Blavatnik School of Government, Oxford University.

I help organisations understand how they can positively shape a changing world, previously as a futures strategist to the British Foreign Office. I’m now leading transformational change in the workplace as Director of Futures, Strategy and Animation at RPC Law, Legal Week’s UK Law Firm of the Year 2015.

I’m also passionate about about a deeper future for progressive politics, and am currently organising Alter Ego: a gathering of leaders in the progressive movement to explore personal, culture and political renewal.

I blog about breakthrough at allaboutideas.co.uk and am free to connect on Twitter @ronanharrington.